So what is a trend in forex trading ?

Basically you could say that trend is something which is moving in a certain direction. The charts can help us to understand where a currency pairs are going.

There two types of trend in forex trading. Up trend what we call as bullish and Down trend as bearish. The trend help us to determine when to buy or sell.

Up trend in trading

Trend in forex trading

An uptrend from the word itself we can figure out something that going in upward direction is called uptrend. When a currency pair going up by making lines or candle making new highs than the previous high. We also call them bull market or up trend.


Down trend in trading

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A crash of market is called as down trend what we call as bear market.

Prices start going in downward direction candles making lower low from the previous lows.

Range in forex trading

Trend in forex trading

Range is stage where there is low price movement. As you can see in the figure above prices are not making any new highs or lows instead they are going in an horizontal direction. In trading traders avoid to trade on Range.

 Types of trade length

  1. Short term trades ( 1-2 days)
  2. Long term trades (weeks or months)
  3. Day trading ( trading on particular day or few hours)

Why to follow trend ?

Because if u trade against trend you will loose the money in forex trading.