The5ers is one of the oldest Funded Trader company. The5ers offer a Real funded account for trading, No challenge or verification phase are they legit? Before you join, Read our The5ers reviews to know the truth.

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What Is The5ers?

In their words “The5ers Proprietary Trading Fund has built a unique trading career program for forex traders across the world. The5ers are financing consistent fx traders with a fully funded trading account, generous profit split, and trading loss waiver”. offers 50% profit split on each target achieved and Increase in account size as you complete 10% target it leads up to 2.8M. They offer a growth scheme, In which for every 10% that the trader earns, They double the trader’s account. Read more to know on our The5ers reviews.

Overview Of The5ers Reviews

The5ers Story, The5ers’ Funding Traders & Growth Program was founded in 2016 by two forex day traders, Gil Ben Hur and Snir Achiel.

Gil, who traded forex and Snir, who traded forex and stock market had the skills to succeed in trading, but insufficient capital to gain profits from their potential.

For a while, Gil and Snir traded from their homes using limited capital resources. They expanded their capital through family members joining in and sometimes would manage other traders’ capital for a fraction of the positive outcome.

Upon seeing its popularity and demand, Gil helped establish a premium academy, where teams of selected traders were trained. Their mission was to form a community consisting of trading-partnership frameworks.

These frameworks were the fundamental structures for the traders’ community fund and developed for traders worldwide, from all backgrounds, skills, experience and trading methodology. While this was going on Gil had already hatched an idea and began “running” with it.
Which is where The5ers journey began…

In 2016, The5ers’ Funding Traders & Growth Program was launched and made available to the public, aiming to provide full-time traders with readily available and accessible capital. The5ers Reviews based on users.

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The5ers Reviews Phases

The5ers offers two types of account  Aggressive and Low risk. The The5ers Rules that you need to follow. Also please read our the5ers Reviews carefully

Low risk

The low-risk Program is made for the disciplined traders; This is program is preferable for traders who want to take low risk and trade in a peaceful environment. In this program, your funded account is to gain 6% profit target; the 4% is maximum loss allowed. The stop loss is mandatory. The account Growth is set to double on a 10% gain.


The Aggressive plan is for the freestyle traders. They have all rules, for freestyle trades. They provide high leverage trading as high as 30:1 and no mandatory stop loss. The trader is required to accomplish a 10% net profit for level 1 funded account, and higher levels of the program, 25% net profit for doubling the account.

Evaluation Phase

The5ers Evaluation phase is the first step of the process. The5ers will fund you a smaller live trading account, with proportional risk measures. Your goal is to gain profits while eliminating risk and loses. It would help if you succeeded here to proceed to the next phase. Show your trading skills with discipline and  Achieve Trading Objectives. The essential factor you don’t violate the The5ers rules.

Qualification phase

Once you have achieved targeted goals successfully and passing the Evaluation Phase, you will receive your first profit payout and The Trading Contract with increment in account size as you reach 10% profit target.

Why The5ers?

Well, this is an important question why not others but the5ers.

  • IMMEDIATE & REAL FUNDING, The5ers offers real account on Evaluation phase no demo account So no wasting time also with 50% profit split.
  • STEADY PROFITS & NO THRESHOLD, The5ers pays every month without any due or threshold.
  • INCOMPARABLE FLEXIBILITY, All type of strategy are accepted, Trade on the news, hold overnight, hold over the weekend
  • EXPONENTIAL ACCOUNT GROWTH, Each time when you reach a goal your account size is increased it can go up to 2.8M

General Information

  • Leverage: 1:6 Normal risk, 1:30 Aggressive

  • Regulation: No regulations (Since they are not broker’s)

  • Account size: 24k, 40k, 52k, 80k

  • Evaluation Account size: 6k, 10k, 13k, 20k
  • Currency: USD

  • Profit target: 6% on evaluation and 10% on qualified Account
  • Daily stops: 4% of account size (Same applicable to qualified account)
  • Position holdings: Monday to Friday (Allowed on weekends)
  • News trading: allowed
  • Trading period:  180Days for Evaluation for a low-risk program, 60days for Aggressive program, indefinite for real account.
  • Instruments allowed: FX majors and cross majors
  • Account Increment: X4 times.
  • Deposits: PayPal, Skrill or wire transfer
  • Account type: Commission is $4.5 per lot, which is
    0.45 pips. The spread for EUR/USD is about 0.2 to 0.6 pips.
  • Stop loss: Mandatory on every trade (1.5% SL allowed on each trade)
  • Platforms: MT4

  • Found in: 2016

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The5ers vs Ftmo

The5ers vs ftmo is to differentiate between both of the funding programs, before digging in any further I like to say that both programs have its advantages and disadvantages, the5ers vs ftmo


  1. The5ers offer the aggressive and low-risk program
  2. A real account on the first phase
  3. Trading days allowed 180days
  4. News trading allowed
  5. Holdover weekends


  1. Ftmo offers aggressive and normal program
  2. Demo account till verification
  3. 30days
  4. No news trading allowed
  5. Can’t hold over weekends

So its clear that some features of the5ers out rank ftmo. The process to get funded, the the5ers seems more realistic as it’s 60 days and there is no max loss limit, only 4% drawdown limit. If you are swing trader, this seems more preferable than 30 days and a 10% max loss limit for FTMO. So its just an opinion based on swing trader the5ers vs ftmo.

Program Details | the5ers review

The5ers Reviews

This plan costs around 275$, you will receive 6000$ live trading account on 1st Phase.

The5ers Review

This Plan cost around 450$, you will receive 10000$ live training Account on phase1.

The5ers vs ftmo

This account plan cost 565$ you will receive around 13000$ Account for 1st phase.

The5ers vs ftmo

This plan costs around 875$ you will receive 20000$ live trading account on 1st phase.