Hello everyone, I’m George Prethesh a Forex Market analyst, Blogger, Author.
Born 10th November 1997
I like to enjoy movies and play online games. As a author i like to fetch information regarding all kinds of fantasy world

About George Prethesh

George Prethesh is an experienced retail trader, and he is the co-founder of forexcation.cominvesting.lk, and fxprofund.com. Also, he has experience in SEO, CMS & Digital Marketing.
He considers himself a ‘forever student.‘ anxious to invent on his theoretical foundations in psychology and sociology, and stays in with the latest digital marketing strategies through revived coursework.

Path of George Prethesh

He is determined and ambitious towards the objective, and he likes to challenge himself on everything to give prominence to a better version of himself. He is often looking for the opportunity to accomplish something which has significance.
He focuses on results-orient; he adores to review how near or how far from his destination; he is not particularly eager to settle for nothing by giving up.
His slogan would be, “Never give up on what you believe.”

George Prethesh

Well, he is the kind of person who speculates to live the life he wants to live, not someone else.
He has a bit of knowledge of SEO ( search engine optimisation)
SEO is something that allows the website to be ranked on a specific keyword on search engines.
He is also a forex market analyst; you can also call him a retail trader.