• What is forex trading strategy ?

You can say forex trading strategy a system through which you decide to go buy or sell. There are 2 types of analysis the technical analysis and fundamental analysis. We will be using technical analysis for this strategy.

What is price action ?

Price action is method to determine the previous price of something. You can say that looking at historical price to formulate trading strategy is called price action, under price action you find support and resistance, Trend line, channels etc.

Welcome to the 90% accuracy forex trading method.

Yeah i know that you are very much excited to use this strategy. So let’s jump on to it with any further due.

I will be using 4hour chart and 30minute chart for this strategy along with MA.


image 000 Investing.lk

4hr cross over what will happen now ? Red line crossing green line



Market went bullish/up as you can see it. Red line crossing green line means Price will go up if opposite happens then market will go down.

I know its hard to enter by seeing 4hr chart because we are intra-traders so i will use 30min chart with another crossover and volume to enter exact point.

Before that lets add support and resistance
The support and resistance..

Forex trading strategy

We added a resistance at 1.10264 because price wasn’t moving higher from that place.

What is trend ?

These are basics and we won’t be covering those things here. If you want to learn how to darw support and resistance then please join our Course join our Telegram educational group



Back to it.


Forex trading strategy 90% accuracy

1. Its the place where cross over of Red line with green line showing up trend
2. We added support and resistance.


Free trading strategy

This is how it looks in 30 minute time frame.
Here we are using different crossover ema on 30min for entering the trade. Only using 4HR cross over  and chart we can’t enter trade. So i used another MA in 30M.


Forex trading strategy

In the above figure you can see the red line crossing blue line.

3. Red line crossing over blue line showing moving above and breaking resistance
4. Here you can see Green volume above pink line showing buyer’s are in control.

Now the best entry point is at the Blue line above resistance.
Here you can aim for 100-400pips move.

Hell yeah we are not done yet, without knowing the Setup you won’t be able to trade the trades like pro’s. Usually people charge thousands $$$ off dollars to teach the startegy but i’m teaching it for absolutely free of cost.


Set-up cross-over
System: Using Android Phone
App: Tradingview

Yeah friends i use phone to trade, we really don’t need high-end super computer to make trades.

Since its on tradingview same setup can be used on computer or on smartphone. So without wasting further time lets hop in.

Forex trading

Hey do you see that green colour box ? Indicator click on it.


Trading Setup

Yes go to the indicator and search MA Cross 50 & 200 Add it.

This is used only on 4HR to determine the trend.
Red line crossing over Green line.


Next search in indicator and add 2 more MA(moving average).
Just search MA and click it two times then click  Inputs add value 13 and 21.
13 with red line and 21 with blue.
This only used in 30min timeframe to enter the trade.
Follow image to change values:

Forex trading strategy investing.lk

Forex trading strategy 90% accuracy


Once you add it next last one is volume.
Search in indicator volume then click settings icon, Inputs add value as 20.

Trading strategy


Yes guys that’s it. Now enjoy making profit. If you liked our strategies then join our course we are teaching many more pro tips and forex trading strategy.

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We also made a video tutorial on how to use this strategy to download the video please click on the link given below.

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