How to become a Fidelcrest Trader? Do they offer 80% profit Split? Fieldcrest is offering various types of funding programs are they legit? Before Signup, read our Fidelcrest reviews to know the Truth.


Let us hear it from their Mouth “For most traders one of the biggest problems they come across is not having enough capital to trade and earn a comfortable income. They might have a solid trading strategy and start trading on a couple of hundred dollars without having the ability to scale their profits. If they do, it could take a while to grow a minimal account.

As Traders and Investors, we know precisely what Traders go through and the frustrations they face.

That’s why we created Fidelcrest. A Proprietary Trading Firm that gives retail traders the ability to access more massive Capital and make a difference in their lives. Fidelcrest is a company based in Budapest, Hungary that welcomes ordinary traders to take our Challenge Verification. If they pass…They can manage up to $400K In Capital from anywhere in the world.

Fidelcrest is actively searching for Traders with excellent Risk Management Skills and a Solid Profitable Trading Strategy. In other words, we’re looking for Traders who can manage accounts properly and grow at a steady rate. Not a Gamblers mindset.

With that being said, Traders go through our Challenge Verification. They need to meet specific Profit Targets Without Violating any of the Challenge rules such as Maximum Daily Losses and more. Traders can get funded in as little as ten trading days and must meet Profit Targets within 30 days to pass.” Know more by reading our Fidelcrest review.

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Overview Of Fidelcrest Reviews

Fidelcrest is a proprietary trading firm that offers unique Programs to Forex Traders. The Only firm is providing 80% profit share as we found through our Fidelcrest review.

Fidelcrest was established in January 2019. Mr Jussi Hallikas own the company Fidelcrest operates from Helsinki, Finland.

The company claims that traders are men (86%) from the US, Canada, UK, Nigeria or India, though we have traders from almost all countries in the world. Most common ages are 25y – 35y (45%) and 35y – 45y (30%). Our website conversion rate is 0.5%, and average purchase fee per client is $488.

Fidelcrest Stages | Fidelcrest challenge

Fidelcrest challenge, They offer two types of Challenges  MICROFX 1. MicroFx Normal 2. MicroFx Aggressive & PROFX 1. ProFx Normal 2. ProFx Aggressive.


Fidelcrest MicroFx Program is an excellent opportunity to test your trading skills and strategy before entering to bigger account sizes. MicroFx program teaches necessary trading and risk management skills with the possibility to earn real money after completing only 1 phase.


Fidelcrest ProFx is a professional-level trading program for experienced traders who have excellent risk management skills and stable strategy to trade funded accounts up to $400,000. ProFx traders can start to earn real money after completing only 1 phase.

Fidelcrest Challenge

Fidelcrest Challenge is the first stage of the process. You need to complete the task to advance into the Verification stage. Improve your trading skills and discipline in Fidelcrest Challenge Phase, its Mandatory that you don’t violate the fidelcrest Challenge rules.

Fidelcrest Verification

Verification is the second stage. In the Verification Stage, you are getting a 40% profit split from the demo account that means from the Verification stage you can start earning.

Fidelcrest Official Trader

Once you clear the verification stage you become an official trader of the fidelcrest you will get 40% profit sharing on 5% target & if you earn more than 5% profit target, you get 80% profit sharing. E.g., if you earn 500$ which is 10% of 5000$ account, you will receive 40% of 250$ and 80% of 250$ extra amount you made. So more you earn more you get paid.

Why select Fidelcrest?

  • Fidelcrest gives a wide choice of assets such as forex, commodities, crypto or shares
  • Trade with your style.
  •  Live Chat, E-Mail
  • Get paid from the verification stage
  • 80% profit split, as we mentioned earlier on our Fidelcrest review.
  • no hidden fees

General Information

  • Leverage: 1:100

  • Regulation: No regulations (Since they are not broker’s)

  • Account size: 5k, 10k, 20k (MICROFX)

  • Account size: 50k, 100k, 200k, 400k (PROFX)
  • Currency: USD

  • Profit target: 5% on Challenge 2.5% on verification, 5% on Real acount.
  • Daily stops: 5% of account size (Same applicable to qualified account)
  • Max Stoploss: 10%
  • Position holdings: Monday to Friday (Allowed on weekends for the real account)
  • News trading: not allowed
  • Trading period:  30Days
  • Instruments allowed: FX majors and cross majors
  • Deposits: PayPal, Skrill or wire transfer
  • Account type: The spread for EUR/USD is about 0.2 to 0.6 pips.
  • Stop loss: Mandatory on every trade (For challenge account)
  • Platforms: MT4, Ctrader

  • Found in: 2019

Why is it different from any other fidelcrest reviews?

We at focus on the quality of the service so purchased the challenge account 5k for our Review purpose. So as you can see, our review is not based on the basic information available on the internet we took the challenge and updated the review as we go. We followed fidelcrest challenge rules to trade, so make sure you don’t forget it.

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The Tools On Fidelcrest Challenge

 Overall Overview:

fidelcrest review

Current Results:

fidelcrest review

This section is called as chart, and here you check your progress and margin reports, you cannot exceed 20% margin of account size according to fidelcrest challenge rules. 20% Margin means you can take significant pairs trades 0.10lot size up to 7trades. Well, you can use their mt4 margin indicator while you are trading.

Trading Journal :

fidelcrest reviews

In this section, you can see what all the objectives you need to complete to finish the challenge, and it consists of Profit target, Trading Days, Positive and Negative days, News trading, Short trades, Missing Sl, Maximum drawdown of fidelcrest, the daily drawdown of fidelcrest etc.

Positions opened:

fidelcrest challenge


Fidelcrest Challenge Review

This section will be updated soon as we pass through the challenge stage.





User Friendly




Chat support





  • Easy to manage
  • No risk
  • Good support team
  • Earn from verification


  • No news trading