Nft has become one of the most popular word in the crypto market. If you don’t know what is nft then you are in a outdated world. This single piece of data could make you millions of profit, nft is one of the project that could become something that may make you a millionaire.

What is nft ?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.

I think that doesn’t make any thing clear

Nft is a Non-Fungible token, yeah sorry you already know that, nft something that cannot be replaced. For example bitcoin is a fungible token and you can trade one bitcoin for another bitcoin and you have the same thing.  If u trade nft for another nft u will get something different. Consider it as a trading card or a digital art.

So what is new about nft ? Can this make me millionaire ?

I really hope so. Well as you know people like to collect things, some arts are sold of billions. But here we are taking about digital art.

As i said earlier nft is one of a kind that cannot be replaced. Only single piece left. People can copy the art but the ownership remains to the real owner who bought it.

What is ? nft

Root is randomized game characters generated and stored on the chain. Functions such as pictures, attributes, equipment, hidden attributes, and skills are hidden for different game developers to explain. Feel free to use Root in any way you want.

ROOT provides a basic game character that developers can use freely. You can hold ROOT, enrich ROOT through developer applications, and participate in different developer games. The excitement and experience of the game application depends on the ability of the game developer.

Road map of roadmap

The detailed explanation of their roadmap you can see. roadmap

What includes in Nft ? nft



The Interview with

There are lots of fake news about nft so We decided to do an exclusive interview with team.

First of all I like to thankyou for participating in this interview.

1) Tell us bit about yourself

I am jack. The person in charge of ROOT project operations. 我是jack。ROOT项目运营负责人

2) What inspires you ?

Because of the LOOT on Ethereum, we have seen an innovative way of NFT generation. This may create a new track.

3) What does do ?

ROOT is a role in the game. Users holding ROOT can generate corresponding roles in the game. Then participate in the game through the role. Of course this requires the participation of game developers.

4) How it is different from other nft ?

Most NFTs are customized based on an application, which limits the space of NFTs. In contrast to ROOT, developers need to make games based on ROOT, so each ROOT can correspond to different characters in different games. This is a kind of NFT that may have unlimited rights. It does not limit a certain scene or a certain game. This is his biggest difference.

5) How can other game developers make use of your service ?

We have corresponding development documents and technical personnel to assist game developers to complete application production. 我们有相应的开发文档和技术人员协助游戏开发商完成应用制作。

6 ) Will the application be available for Android and iOS device ?

The application is based on the blockchain browser, and all web versions, Android and IOS devices are available.

7) What is Nft visualisation tool and how does it work ?

The visualization tool is a tool to visualize ROOT based on the user’s independent creation. The user can draw the ROOT role in his mind through the tool. Will be online soon.

8) total supply ? 

The total number of anchors is 20,000.

9) What is the percentage of receiving boss character ? 

No fixed percentage is set, the content of each entry is randomly generated

10) What is the percentage of receiving player character ? 

No fixed percentage is set, the content of each entry is randomly generated

11) What is the percentage of receiving monster and ncp character ?

No fixed percentage is set, the content of each entry is randomly generated

12) What is the probability of receiving all excellent in attributes ? 

No fixed percentage is set, the content of each entry is randomly generated

13) What is the probability of receiving all equipment as level 5 ?

There is no fixed percentage set, and the probability of each equipment is random.

If all the equipment received are of level 5, then he is very lucky.

14) What is probability of receiving all hidden parts ?

There is a 10% probability to open an NFT with hidden attributes.

Have 1 hidden attribute ratio 55%

Have 2 kinds of hidden attributes ratio 25%

Have 3 hidden attributes 14%

5% of 4 hidden attributes

1% with 5 hidden attributes

For more details, please refer to Nft guide

15) What is the quantity that are reserved ?

1000 ROOT

16) Will there be any other nft from root in the future ?

No, there won’t be any.

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